About Us

How We Work

Our Story

Since our beginning, Cleanup My Shhh.. has shared a vision of providing our clients with the highest levels of quality services at reasonable costs. We have worked to fulfill this vision through building teams of top-level talent, capable of building long term client relationships. We put people first whether it’s a client or teammate. We are always giving out unlimited smiles.

The Vision

Everyone should have a clean environment whether it’s your home, your business, a sports event, or your private jet.

Our Values

Have fun, Make money, Be real. Help out. Communicate, Respect everyone and everything. We thrive in this purpose-driven envirionment. We explore and evolve, while standing firmly on our legacy and commitment to the craft of cleaning

Social Responsibility

Learn about our efforts, from supporting the communities we are in to researching the culture of cleaning. We aim to provide clean drinking water, trash pick-up throughout our communities and donation of proper sanitization supplies to schools and hospitals worldwide.

Buy & Donate

For every hand sanitizer purchased, one will be donated to schools and hospitals across the world. So, make sure to stock up! Visit our Etsy shop.

Clean Cash Rewards

  1. A Warm Welcome

    A Warm Welcome: receive a free clean kit after your first check-in on the app.
  2. Birthday / Company Anniversary

    Celebrate with one free on-demand cleaning.
  3. Points for Every Completed Clean

    Earn points for every clean performed by Cleanup My Shhh… Points can be redeemed for free cleans.

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