Commercial Cleaning Services in Orlando, Florida

From high-traffic common areas and meeting spaces to bathrooms and back rooms, our services create a cleaner, safer, and more welcoming environment for all who experience your facility.

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From meeting spaces and desk tops to bathrooms and stairwells, we’ll make your office space a clean place of business..

Taking it a level past “clean” we’ll remove dust and debris to create a clean environment to work and build.

We’ll make it our business to ensure your gym members experience clean equipment, locker rooms, and more.

From day cares to larger institutions, we’ll maintain a clean environment to learn and play.

Whether the event is big or small, let us handle the cleaning so you can enjoy the experience without the post-clean up pressure.

Dust and dirt can pile up quickly in warehouse spaces, we’ll clean up your space without compromising inventory or supplies.

Why Us? Why Not?

We’ll Make A Clean Impression Every Time

First impressions mean everything. From visitors entering your building for the first time, to job seekers scoping out the place before their interview – if a business can’t take care of their own office space, how are they supposed to take care of their customers’ needs properly?

At Clean Up My Shhh…, we go above and beyond to make the following impressions below.

Spotless & Sanitized

From bathrooms, to floors, equipment, and more – we exceed your expectations with consistent and excellent cleaning results, every single time. This means limited to no errors.

Productive Work Environment

We’ll ensure offices and other areas in the facility present a clean and inviting space that’s proven to boost employee productivity.

Prevention of Mold or Other Health Risks

The best way to combat mold growth is to keep their environment clean and dry. You need a supplier to tackle every nook and cranny and use potent solutions to eliminate any mold spores that may be present.

Maximized Time

Desiring to maximize your company’s profits, everyone must focus their energy on doing tasks that allow them to hone their skills. Your employees  will be more excited to come to work if they have one less thing to do each day, like cleaning.

Flexible Scheduling

Whether you want a deep clean once a month or a maintenance clean once a week, we give you the freedom to choose a schedule that works best for your unique needs, without disrupting your workflow.

Prevention of Pest Infestations

Not only are infestations bad for business, but they can also be expensive to treat.
Regular office cleanings ensure you’ll never have to deal with any unsightly visitors

Improved Air Quality in Office Space

You need to protect your facility against air-borne diseases. We’ll clear up HVAC systems to improve the air quality in your office. 

Emergency Response Clean Up

Living in Florida, natural disasters happen. You need a supplier that offers an emergency response in the case of a natural disaster or fire so you can resume services again quickly.

Our Equipment

We use modern commercial cleaning techniques, equipment, and eco-friendly certified products, along with state-of-the-art equipment to increase efficiency. We use color coded microfibers and conduct a strict color coded training to ensure towels used to clean the toilet are not used to clean the sink handles, or vice versa.

We use vacuums with high filtration that are CRI Carpet & Rug institute approved. And we’ve done away with traditional mopping – our auto scrubbers meet our clean clean standard and cut the time in half.

We’re so confident in our cleaning systems and equipment, we invite you to test it with an ATP Hygiene Monitor and recognize that we are the real deal

Clean On Demand with Our App

Our convenient app makes it easy to book a service, provide feedback, and communicate with our team in real time. Download the app where all apps are available and get our clean clean service experience with the touch of a button.

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