A Scientific Cleaning Strategy Unlike Any Other

  1. Cleanup My Shhh… utilizes the latest in cleaning methods, technology and advanced disinfecting chemistry to create impressive cleanliness in your workplace, from top to bottom. We have two primary focuses to create true cleanliness. The first is targeting the areas with the most shared touch-points in your building. Shared touch-points are the exact spots where germs are transmitted from one person to the next.
  2. Secondly, we aim to remove soil and other grime which may carry germs within it. And no, your employees won’t have to wear spacesuits to keep the place spotless… we’ll clean it as often as you need without missing a day!
  3. By focusing our cleaning initially on the spaces with the highest shared touchpoints, and removing all dirt and grime from these areas, we are in fact able to drastically reduce the amount of germs in your commercial facility, which leads to bona fide freshness and increased productivity!

99.97% Clean… Every Time

Our unique cleaning system utilizes phenomenally effective eco-friendly disinfectants specially formulated to eliminate 99.97% of the germs in any environment we clean.

Additionally, we are on the forefront of cleaning tools and protocols designed to purge every particle of gunk from every nook and cranny. By the time we are done, all odors will be eradicated, all germs will be exterminated, and every smudge will be annihilated…

Leaving your facility surprisingly clean, with that invigorating fresh smell of a job well done.

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